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Mr. Kozyrev is practicing Immigration and Family law.  He has been actively involved in the Immigration industry since 2006 and has assisted hundreds of people to immigrate to Canada.

Since our background is in business development, we are very strong in helping Entrepreneurs to expand to Canada obtaining permanent residence. We have processed applications for our business applicant bringing significant value to local communities, creating jobs, and yet still being profitable. Investors and Entrepreneurs need assurances that their capital is not going to be lost in hopeless projects simply to acquire permanent status in Canada, but rather boosting the local economy and creating a positive cash flow for a business. We have developed certain instruments and systems that allow very strict financial control, increase efficiency and productivity. We are always looking out for new business ideas and constantly developing new projects to meet clients’ needs. Since our company is focused on selected immigration programs, we have become experts in our field.


Mr. Kozyrev also represents clients in front of the IRB, assisting refugee claimants, sponsorship appellants and resolves inadmissibility issues.  


We are here to guide you through this difficult, confusing path of submitting your application or an appeal. Lots of times, people come to us after having several rejections. We review and research every case to make sure, it’s prepared as perfect as it can be. So, if you were refused before, please don’t be discouraged and let us help you with the application.



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