• Larry Kozyrev

How to find a job and LMIA in Canada?

What are the real chances of finding an employer in Canada?

Since most immigration programs require a full time employment offer, most candidates want to know how to find one and how to get the LMIA.

It is not that hard to find a job in Canada if you are already inside the country, speak English well and have skills. It may take some time and it may not be at the location you wanted but generally you have a good chance of securing an employment.

Some issues arise when you need your employer to assist you with LMIA. Most employers want you to start as soon as possible and without any additional expenses for your placement. Obviously, Canadian citizens or permanent residents have advantage in this situation.

The LMIA process is complicated and costly to experiment for employers. It is supposed to be used as a last resort to find workers. In order for employers to convince Service Canada of their struggles finding candidates in Canada, they have to complete a time consuming and demanding advertising procedure. It is recommended to hire a professional but in fact any employer can do it. Unfortunately, most companies have no time to examine the LMIA requirements, complete them and maintain a good record with Foreign Worker Unit. Some companies have a designated employee to do this work or they retain a lawyer or immigration consultant to act on their behalf.

There are many advantages in hiring foreign workers but they are sometime overlooked due to financial burden on employers. Some foreign workers bring business connections from overseas and additional skills. Some high tech or IT companies are mostly satisfied with workers they bring over but in some other industries, it is not the case.

Another category is for low skilled workers. Hotels and restaurants are well known for having difficult times finding the right work force. In the past few years, this industry was receiving many positive LMOs but since 2014, it became difficult obtain approvals. There are still good chances of finding positive LMIAs in this sector.

Overall, there are more obstacles in LMIA process then in finding a job in Canada. You have better chances finding an employer if you are already in the country. If you are not in Canada, it is highly recommended to have good references preferably from Canadian friends or relatives.


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