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Immigration Agents

Immigration agents

Most of potential immigrants make their initial encounter with an agent rather than a licensed representative. Most of Canadian Lawyers or Immigration Consultants are located in Canada but have their agents overseas to advertise their services and attract clients.

It came to our attention that there are agents who represent themselves as being part of our company while we never entered in any agreements with them. At this moment Altair Immigration Services does not have any active agents working in or outside Canada.

We list our agents on our website so clients can feel confident they are dealing with our company. In addition, clients may contact us directly if they have any questions. We highly recommend to all potential clients to speak directly with their representatives. Our company is dedicated to our clients and you will speak directly to licensed representative concerning your case. It is important that your application is processed in a fast and efficient manner and the only way to achieve that is to have direct access to your representative.

Whenever you retain our firm, there is no such a thing as being too busy for our clients. We make sure that we are available to you at all times your file being submitted.

All our clients pay us directly. It means that if there is an agent assisting us, he or she will never charge you directly. You always will receive an invoice directly from our company and make payments directly to us.

We do not have any partnerships with any immigration companies. If any agents will try to convince you that they are our partners, it is simply not true. The people we work with (our agents) are listed on our website. If you do not see their names, it means they are not part of our company.

If your English is not at the level to communicate with us, we can arrange a translator.


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